Things to Do, Best Restaurants, and History About Wilsonville Oregon

Wilsonville, Oregon, part of Clackamas County Area, offers a blend of history, nature, and culinary delights. We can explore historic sites like the Wilsonville-Boones Ferry Historical Park and the Old Church. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy Memorial Park‘s trails and Graham Oaks Nature Park’s diverse ecosystems. For family fun, Bullwinkle’s Entertainment and the World of Speed Motorsports Museum are must-visits. Dining choices range from Oswego Grill’s American comfort food to Dar Essalam’s Moroccan flavors. Don’t forget coffee at Java Jungle or a pint at Vanguard Brewing. Wilsonville’s early settlers were drawn by fertile lands along the Willamette River. Discover what else makes our town unique.

Historical Sites

Exploring Wilsonville, you’ll find several historical sites that offer a fascinating glimpse into the area’s rich past. As we wander through this charming town, we can’t help but feel connected to the pioneering spirit that shaped it. One standout is the Wilsonville-Boones Ferry Historical Park. Here, we can marvel at the remnants of the ferry that once served as a critical crossing point on the Willamette River. The park’s well-preserved artifacts and informative displays illuminate the challenges and triumphs of early settlers.

Let’s not miss the Old Church, an iconic landmark that has stood the test of time. Built in the late 1800s, this quaint structure now serves as a cultural hub, hosting various events and exhibitions. Walking through its doors, we’re transported back to a simpler era, yet inspired by the innovative ways it’s being repurposed today.

Don’t forget the Tauchman House, a beautifully restored residence that showcases the architectural styles of the early 20th century. Touring this historic home, we get a sense of the daily lives of Wilsonville’s early inhabitants. These sites collectively narrate a story of resilience, community, and progress, making our visit both educational and inspiring.

Outdoor Activities

After soaking in Wilsonville’s rich history, let’s step outside and discover the myriad outdoor activities that await us in this vibrant town. Whether we crave adventure or simply want to bask in nature’s beauty, Wilsonville has something for everyone.

Start our journey at Memorial Park, where we can enjoy a scenic stroll along the Willamette River. The park’s lush trails are perfect for an invigorating hike or a leisurely bike ride. If we’re in the mood for something more dynamic, the park also offers sports fields and courts for a friendly game of soccer or tennis.

For those of us who love water activities, boating on the Willamette River is a must. We can rent kayaks or paddleboards and navigate the serene waters while soaking in the picturesque surroundings. It’s a fantastic way to combine physical activity with relaxation.

Let’s not forget Graham Oaks Nature Park, an innovative green space designed with sustainability in mind. Its extensive network of trails invites us to explore diverse ecosystems. Along the way, we’ll encounter interpretive signs that educate us about local flora and fauna.

In Wilsonville, outdoor enthusiasts can truly immerse themselves in nature, making every outing a memorable adventure.

Family Fun Spots

Wilsonville’s family fun spots offer endless entertainment for kids and adults alike, ensuring everyone has a fantastic time. Imagine starting the day at Bullwinkle’s Entertainment, where we can all unleash our inner adventurers. With thrilling go-kart racing, laser tag, mini-golf, and an expansive arcade, it’s a playground for the entire family. The excitement continues with their cutting-edge XD Dark Ride, blending 3D graphics and motion seats for a truly immersive experience.

Next, we might visit the World of Speed Motorsports Museum. Here, we’ll get a chance to marvel at an impressive collection of historic race cars and motorcycles. Interactive exhibits like the simulators let us experience the thrill of high-speed racing without leaving the ground. It’s educational and exhilarating.

For a creative twist, a trip to the Wilsonville Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle’s Restaurant offers an engaging mix of fun and dining. The center’s modern facilities include bumper boats and a rock wall, perfect for kids looking to burn off some energy.

Wilsonville’s family fun spots aren’t just about keeping busy—they’re about creating memorable experiences. Whether we’re racing, exploring, or just playing, there’s something innovative for everyone.

Local Parks

Nestled within our charming city, the local parks in Wilsonville offer serene natural escapes and a plethora of outdoor activities for the whole family. Memorial Park, our largest and oldest park, features beautiful walking trails, a skate park, and even a boat launch on the Willamette River. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely picnic or a fun-filled afternoon of sports.

For those of us seeking innovative play areas, Murase Plaza at Town Center Park is a must-visit. Its imaginative water features and playground equipment are designed to engage children’s creativity while providing ample space for parents to relax. The park’s amphitheater also hosts community events, adding a vibrant cultural touch to our outdoor adventures.

Boones Ferry Park, rich in history, offers a more tranquil setting with its scenic river views and historic Willamette River ferry site. It’s an ideal locale for those of us who appreciate a quieter connection with nature.

Additionally, Graham Oaks Nature Park invites us to explore its expansive trails, which wind through restored oak woodlands and wetlands. The park is a haven for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, offering a unique glimpse into our region’s natural beauty.

Annual Events

Each year, our community comes alive with a variety of annual events that celebrate the unique spirit and culture of Wilsonville. From vibrant festivals to innovative gatherings, there’s always something exciting on the calendar.

One of our most anticipated events is the Wilsonville Festival of Arts. It transforms our parks into a canvas of creativity, with interactive exhibits, live performances, and workshops that inspire both residents and visitors. It’s a weekend where innovation and tradition blend seamlessly.

We also host the Summer Concert Series, a lineup of live music that fills our summer nights with rhythm and joy. These concerts aren’t just about music; they’re a chance for us to gather, relax, and enjoy the warm evenings together.

For those who love a good scare, the annual Haunted House event at the end of October offers a thrilling experience. It’s an imaginative and spine-tingling journey that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

In December, the Wilsonville Winter Wonderland brings holiday cheer with dazzling light displays, festive markets, and ice skating. It’s a magical season that captures the essence of community and togetherness.

Wilsonville’s annual events showcase our city’s dynamic energy and forward-thinking spirit, making each year unforgettable.

Fine Dining

For those of us who appreciate culinary excellence, Wilsonville offers a fine dining scene that promises to delight every palate. Our journey begins at Abella Italian Kitchen. This elegant establishment combines traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist, offering handmade pasta and fresh seafood that transport us straight to the heart of Italy. The ambiance is sophisticated yet inviting, making it perfect for special occasions or a memorable night out.

Next, we head to Dar Essalam, where Moroccan cuisine takes center stage. Here, the rich flavors of North Africa come alive in dishes like lamb tagine and couscous royale. The exotic spices and intricate decor create an immersive dining experience, making us feel like we’ve traveled to a different continent without leaving Wilsonville.

Let’s not forget about Oswego Grill, another gem in our fine dining repertoire. Known for its wood-fired dishes, this restaurant excels in serving perfectly grilled steaks and fresh seafood. The open kitchen design adds a touch of theater to our meal, allowing us to witness culinary artistry in action.

In Wilsonville, fine dining isn’t just about eating; it’s about experiencing a culinary journey that excites and inspires.

Casual Eateries

While Wilsonville’s fine dining scene offers a feast for the senses, sometimes we crave the laid-back comfort of its casual eateries. We love the way these spots blend innovation with a relaxed vibe, making them perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. From gourmet burgers to inventive tacos, Wilsonville’s casual dining options cater to our diverse tastes.

Let’s start with Oswego Grill. Here, we find a menu that marries classic American comfort food with creative twists. Their wood-fired rotisserie chicken and unique salads are crowd-pleasers. For those of us craving something a bit more international, Dar Essalam offers a culinary trip to Morocco with its flavorful tagines and couscous dishes.

No casual dining scene is complete without a great burger joint. At McMenamins Old Church & Pub, we enjoy handcrafted burgers alongside house-brewed beers. The cozy pub atmosphere invites us to linger and unwind. If pizza is more our style, Mod Pizza allows us to customize our pies with a variety of fresh, innovative toppings.

In Wilsonville, casual dining isn’t just about the food; it’s about the experience. Here, we find comfort, creativity, and community all rolled into one delightful package.

Coffee Shops

Wilsonville’s coffee shops offer us a perfect blend of cozy ambiance and delicious brews, making them ideal spots to relax, work, or catch up with friends. At the heart of our coffee scene, you’ll find a variety of unique, innovative establishments that cater to every taste and preference.

One standout spot is Corner Coffee Shop, where the rich aroma of freshly ground beans greets us at the door. Their expertly crafted pour-overs and espresso drinks are a treat for any coffee aficionado. Plus, the modern decor and comfortable seating make it an ideal place to plug in and get some work done.

For those who crave a touch of the exotic, the Java Jungle offers us globally inspired coffee concoctions and a welcoming, jungle-themed environment. From traditional Ethiopian brews to the latest frappuccino trends, there’s always something new to try.

And let’s not forget about Coffee & Crumbs, a quaint little bakery-café. Here, we can indulge in artisan pastries while sipping on fair-trade coffee. The warm and inviting atmosphere makes it perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

Wilsonville’s coffee shops don’t just serve coffee; they create experiences that inspire us to linger, savor, and connect.

Breweries and Pubs

After savoring the rich flavors of Wilsonville’s coffee shops, let’s explore the vibrant and diverse world of its breweries and pubs. Wilsonville offers an innovative craft beer scene that’s perfect for those of us who appreciate a well-crafted pint.

First, let’s visit Vanguard Brewing, where creativity knows no bounds. Their rotating taps feature everything from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, all brewed with local ingredients. The atmosphere is welcoming, with communal tables that encourage lively conversation.

Next, we’ll head over to McMenamins Old Church & Pub. This unique spot is housed in a refurbished church, blending historic charm with modern brewing techniques. The pub offers a variety of house-made beers and ciders, paired with delicious pub fare. It’s not just about the drinks; the setting itself is a conversation starter.

For those who prefer a more intimate setting, Boone’s Junction is a hidden gem. This cozy pub specializes in small-batch, experimental brews. Their menu frequently changes, ensuring there’s always something new to try.

In Wilsonville, the breweries and pubs don’t just serve drinks—they offer experiences. Each visit promises a blend of tradition and innovation, making every pint a journey of its own.

Early Settlement History

Let’s journey back to the early days when settlers first laid the foundations of what would become Wilsonville, Oregon. In the mid-19th century, pioneers were drawn to this fertile land along the Willamette River, seeking new opportunities and a fresh start. The Donation Land Claim Act of 1850 played a pivotal role in attracting these early settlers, offering them generous parcels of land in exchange for cultivation and settlement.

Among the first to arrive was Alphonso Boone, the grandson of the legendary Daniel Boone. He established the Boone’s Landing, a ferry crossing that became a crucial point for trade and travel. This crossing laid the groundwork for the community’s development, fostering connections and commerce.

As more settlers arrived, the area began to flourish. They constructed homes, schools, and churches, creating a tight-knit community focused on growth and innovation. Agriculture thrived due to the rich soil and temperate climate, laying a strong economic foundation.

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